Ingredients, Blends, & Expertise

Find the right high-quality pet ingredients for your business! Mountain Meadows Pet Products thrives in blending, customizing, and bringing innovation to the pet food industry!

Customizable Blending

We have the capabilities and expertise to formulate, source, blend, grind and package a variety of ingredients to fit customers' specific needs and desires for their specific processes. 


Premium Ingredients

We offer a wide variety of top-shelf ingredients, from functional ingredients to palatant-flavor enhancers.  We have a superior ability to source, create and customize specialty ingredients to meet your expectations.


We have the ability to manufacture goods ready for retail.  We manufacture a line of litter and companion toppers and complete dry meals.  We do not freeze-dry or can food; but instead have a unique process to produce a mix that, with the addition of water, makes a completely balanced food.

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