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Looking for a change of scenery? Explore jobs at Mountain Meadows Pet Products and help bring innovation to the pet food industry.  

What we do...

At Mountain Meadows, we pride ourselves on developing premium pet ingredients. We partner with pet manufacturers and focus on bringing innovation to the market.


A large part of our success has to do with our talented team. The work entails more than packaging and formulating products. Our team has a diverse range of skills, from research and development to process and logistics. We're determined to provide outstanding service and get the job done for customers. 

What we do...
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Medical Insurance/HSA

Make sure you are covered for any possible medical expenses! 

Dental/Vision Insurance

Eat all the carrots you want to prepare for that eye appointment. 

Life Insurance

Ease some of the stress knowing you have a life insurance plan. 


Get some rest and enjoy time with friends and family. 

Simple IRA

Plan for your retirement with a Simple IRA!




Job Listings

Job Listings at Mountain Meadows Pet Products

The following roles are indicative of positions periodically open at Mountian Meadows Pet Products. Reach out if you are interested and you can email us your resume directly at

No current job listings. 

Are you interested in future availability? Submit an application, and we will review it when openings come available.

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