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Pet Community!

Enjoy some of our pet friends in our community and read their stories for fun and excitement!

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His overalls say it all! Simba is always dressing for success, whether it's for the county fair show dog look or a fire-breathing dragon for a Halloween scare. Simba has an impressive collection of sweaters to keep him warm during those cold fall and winter months. Many of which are holiday sweaters! He says trust and believe he has an outfit for every event, even the vet appointments!

Minipoodle / Lhasa Apso

Big Bad Boris! The brother of Natasha. He has earned his nickname rightfully as his appetite is enormous! Surprisingly enough, he does have the courtesy to share with his sister when he is not trying to rough-house or sleep in his favorite chair! Like his sister, he too can be a troublemaker. Even more so at times, that's why "bad" suits him well. 

Russian Blue

Natasha gives the best cuddles when she's not wrestling around with her brother Boris. She has a bright future as a gardener. She will sneak around in the potted plants, but that usually leads to some trouble as dirt is tracked all throughout the house! The plan is to get her some gardening gloves. That might help with keeping dirt in the pots! 

Russian Blue

Bumper is a tiny old man who once was a rescue, now living a strong healthy lifestyle. He is small, but he has an enormous heart! His family shows him nothing but love and affection and vice versa because he really does love people! Does not care for other dogs too much, but he lights up when someone new walks into the room. Bumper will not leave that person's side until they leave!

Chihuahua mix
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